petting zoo/happy birthday baylee!

today mom and dad took me to a petting zoo near our house, boy was it fun! we got to buy snacks to feed all sorts of animals like bunnies, guinea pigs, geese, goats, ostriches (which by the way mom was not a fan of) and some other animal that mom and dad seriously couldn’t identify. i thought they were smart!? (see the picture of the black animal i am feeding carrots to…) and he was my favorite!

anyway i had loads of fun feeding the animals although i haven’t quite picked up the meaning of the word “gentle” yet… so, its not ok to pickup a guinea pig and throw it on the ground like i do my toys??? (don’t worry the little guy is ok!)

check out my gallery for more pictures ; )

On a sidenote, today is my cousin baylee’s FIRST birthday!! yay! happy birthday, being 1 is the BEST.


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