monster blog

its been a while andrew fans! and just like mom when she’s been without adult contact for too long, there’s lots to talk about!!

first of all, a couple weeks back mom and dad decided to take a saturday night off to go watch some guy named eddie vedder play a guitar… they dropped me off at auntie rah-rah’s (that’s “andrew” for sarah) and uncle alston’s house (but he was out of town) to have the first of many cousin sleepovers!! it was the best. i slept like a champ and was utterly and completely enthralled with my 3 cousins (although one was a bit too hairy and licked me a LOT, which isn’t exactly a bad thing!) the picture is from breakfast on sunday morning… yay pancakes!

then mom decided a saturday night off wasn’t enough and headed off to indianapolis by way of chicago for her dear friend stacey’s baby shower (she’s having a girl, sophia, can you say future wife???) so she was gone for a long weekend and i had tons of dada time. again, another great weekend! here is a picture. check out more on my web gallery!

oooh! a snail!!!

so mom and dad seem impressed with the new words i am trying out. the latest being “outside” . its a rarely used word in our house though, the minute someone says it, i immediately run to the door and say “ahs sigh! ash sigh!!”. whining ensues if mom and dad ignore me : ( have i mentioned i love to play outside yet???


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