the power of “15”

that’s what papa kept saying to me, although i am not sure what that means… maybe something to do with – oh forget it, this makes my head hurt!

it’s been a great week! nana and papa were here visiting and boy did we have FUN. i showed off all my skills and impressed papa with my throwing abilities… if mom hasn’t already mentioned it before, she anticipates a mlb pitcher or nfl quarterback of out me, the latter preferred! i can tell papa is already making plans to help that dream along!

we did lots of fun stuff like play hide and seek (does it EVER get old? NO!) going to the waterpark at the pool, dancing to a U2 cover band at the taste of ladera, more hide and seek, singing to my musical maracas… it was all great!

i got so used to having nana and papa here, that when i got home from school on wednesday (the day they left) and went upstairs i walked to their room all the way whispering “papa, papa?” i sure can’t wait for them to come back.


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