bee stings and hair cuts

i got my first bee sting today on a walk with mommy today. if you know where we live, you may not be surprised as the wonderful landscape architects planted thousands of bee loving flowers and bushes all over our neighborhood. mom is already a big scaredy cat too… so this doesn’t help. thank goodness we were relatively close to home when it happened. mom ran home and didn’t even know where it stung me, sneaky thing got me on the inside of my ear! (see the red ear in the picture?) she saw the stinger poking out and pulled it out with her trusty tweezers!

needless to say mom felt really bad, and is now afraid i’ll be scared of walks… here i am being pampered and watching my favorite show “jacks big music show” with milk and juice and some yummy “nanas” .

you can just barely make out my latest haircut too! we have finally had success at our local barbershop… what worked you ask? not the suckers, not the motorcycle in the store, and certainly not the stuffed dog singing “who let the dogs out? woof woof!”. it was a choo choo train… hanging from the ceiling that goes around and around… i was silent and the wonderful barber took his time cutting my hair… it was heaven for mom and dad! don’t underestimate the power of the choo choo trains with me anymore!!


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