vegas baby!

in honor of their anniversary mom and dad packed us up and we headed to vegas saturday morning! it was a long trip but since there were plenty of cars trucks and trains to look at, i was set!

once we arrived it was like the hotel had been waiting for me to arrive! there was a huge garden and in and amongst the flowers were model trains to admire! and high up near the ceiling were hot air balloons too! not to mention water features, that can always get a kid wound up. i spent at least an hour there everyday, it was great : )

our room was pretty fantastic too. mom and dad were bummed we didn’t get a pool view or a view of the fantastic bellagio fountains out front, but what we did get a view of was that much better – a huge construction site with 3 cranes to look at everyday! we even saw helicopters fly by all the time! oh i was in heaven!! it was a major highpoint for me!

we got back monday and all is back to normal, but i can’t wait to go back again! mom and dad were so impressed of how much i liked riding in the car, that they wished drving to IL and WI for christmas wasn’t such a long trip!!!


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