what’s new?

so it was hard to top the big brother news for a while, so i took some time off. luckily lots of stuff has gone on since then so here we go:

mom (before the monitor got moved from her side of the bed to dad’s) finally figured out that i talk in my sleep sometimes… one night she was awoken to me screeching “EM – MO!” (which is elmo… must have been a good dream!)

next – i have finally decided to say “hi” to things, pictures in books (see a video for that) my trucks, and even the landscapers in the neighborhood. i knew how to all along, the world was just not ready for me to say hi to it yet…

my friend marin gave me a thomas train catalog the other week, it shows all the trains and layouts for them… i ooh and ahh while i look at all the pictures, its great.


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