tour of firestations

last saturday was a mom and me day… first gymboree and then off to a firestation open house! wow… luckily for one firefighter, he got to witness my initial reaction to the firehouse and all the trucks.. i hope it made his day : ) mom was a little worried i’d hyperventilate with excitement… thank goodness i am going to be a fireman for halloween… after we had enough we headed back home (we were in another town’s firehouse) and on the way home passed our own… and saw they were having an open house too! so mom asked me if i wanted to go again and boy did i say please! so we stopped and this time i got to sit in the driver’s seat of a truck and even held a firehose!

on a side note… we have a wonderful neighbor firefighter, named gino fossetti (italian much?) and 2 saturdays ago was on duty and forgot something at home. next thing you know a firetruck comes around the corner and out he jumps. mom and dad went crazy and ran me outside to see for myself. i was so excited. they ran the lights and even the siren, a little too loud for me, but very neat all the same. of course all the neighbors came out to see what the heck was going on! they gave me a hat and were on their way… mom told them they just made my year… i think they did too!!


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