thomas the train

so on veteran’s day mom and dad took me to a railroad museum to see and ride a special thomas train that was in for a visit. i saw it right as it pulled in and the noise from the train horn nearly gave me a heart attack! naturally i was speechless and silent for most of my day out. i’ve never seen so many trains before in my life, lots of old ones too!! mom was so proud i kept my thomas hat on for most of the day, don’t i look cute? of course i had a train shirt to wear too, but before i put it on that morning i caught sight of my new taxi shirt and well, you see what happened.

i ask every day now to sit at the computer and look at the pictures…i get pretty mad when mom fakes that the computer is off and makes the screen go dark, i know its not really off…geez. i ooh and ahh at them more on the screen than i ever did when i was there. who would have guessed! i hope it comes again next year!!

ps – i now will say my name! it took a while to coax me to do it even though i have known for a while… you see i am a lot like my father…
it sounds like “aan-knew”! : )


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