christmas was great this year! not only did i celebrate more than once, at home, with mimi and then with nana and papa, but i got to fly on a plane and see lots of snow and do all sorts of great stuff.

christmas eve day was lots of fun the snow that fell the day we arrived was in perfect shape for snowman making and sledding on my mimi’s jelly roll pans. uncle alston engineered the snowman and i tried my best impersonation of randy, ralphie’s little brother in a christmas story in my “i can’t put my arms down!” snowsuit. hey, it was free so mom and dad didnt’ care!! then we were off to take a 2 stop short trip on my first train ride into libertyville for some shopping and lunch. i didn’t want to get off it was great!

then we headed off to nana and papa’s where there was no shortage of trucks to play with! my cousins lauren and caroline were so fun to play with too!!

we got to see lots of history at the field museum with my cousins alston and emma, i was very excited to say hi to “sue” the dinosaur and was particularly intrigued by a bicycle in the “tahiti” section of an exhibit. we also went to the kohl (no not the store kohls) children’s museum too. what fun! it had a train exhibit, a place to race cars. fun with water, a supermarket and even a construction site, just to mention a few. perfect for a little guy like me!

before we left i got to take one more train ride and stopped by a barnes and noble and got to eat at potbellys. it was 14 outside, not fun. i dont’ think it helped convincing mom and dad to ever move back home! i didn’t mind the cold though!

all this train stuff solidified my obsession with them… now all i say in the car with mom and dad is “choo choos!!!” begging to go over a crossing or see one on our ride…


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