big boy bed

so now that mom and dad have to get ready for baby brother to arrive the scary process of moving me to a big boy bed has begun. not to complicate things, but the day of the planned move i got tubes in my ears, for some fluid and what not. mom and dad were worried but since i was a trooper for the procedure and recovered pretty fast, they just moved the day back one day to saturday. so that morning dad moved the beds around and i took my nap in my new bed… for 2.5 hours! since then i have slept really well and mom and dad are beside themselves. they know my antics will probably surface somewhere else, lets say during potty training so they aren’t counting me out to be difficult somewhere else! they are at least thankful for this major milestone to be over : )

this picture is of me just before my 1st nap in the bed : )


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