more andrewisms

so lately i’ve been saying more which is ultimately fun for mom and dad. dad taught me this weekend (after waking up from a nap) to say “wake up!” so now i run over to the bed or when someone pretends to sleep and holler it, its fun : )

also, dad has instilled quite a passion for donuts in me. when presented most mornings with the prospect of going down for breakfast (or lunch or dinner for that matter) i start to chant “no-nuts, no-nuts, no-nuts…” which is how i prefer to say “donuts”. i usually will eat whatever i get though, mom and dad are glad for that!

and now when i want to play with my stuffed rocket ship from the ever so popular (meaning that’s all i ever want to watch) little einsteins, i don’t ask for “rocket” i ask for “blast off!” because that is what they say to rocket in all the episodes…

and to continue the obsession with trains, i constantly point out choo choo tracks, called “koo koo clacks” and when asked what a conductor says i will yell “all aboard!”

mimi is gonna need a translator when she comes to visit i think : )


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