colin updates

last week mom took me into the dr. for a 4 month check up. she likes it, to compare me to how andrew was at the same age… turns out we are right on track! we matched up at a whopping 26.5” long, 90%, but i weighed in at a staggering 15lb 10oz (1 whole lb heavier than andrew!), and only 70% too! no wonder mom feels like she’s getting a workout, and the looks she gets when people ask how much i eat!

last night at dinner (i passed… instead hung out on my activity mat) mom and dad noticed me wiggling all around. at one point i was just inches away from rolling onto my tummy! i even grapsed the edge of the mat to pull myself over! so close…

i am still talking alot and love to make all kinds of noises now. i squeak and squeal and mom and dad can even get a giggle out of me, though it takes a little work : ) i do most of my talking in the car, and usually in the car right before i fall asleep. mom will hear me chattering, then look back again a minute later and i am out cold!


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