water, a seal,no home!

this morning i went to my friend megan’s 2nd birthday at our neighborhood splash park. it was a blast! i spent 2 of the 3 hours just staring at the water, not even close to getting wet. but that last hour, no sooner did mom leave to take colin home for a nap, did i literally go nuts in the water! dad couldn’t believe it!

so if that weren’t enough fun, after naps mom, dad, colin and i took a trip down to dana point harbor. my new favorite things are ships so this was the place to be! we walked along the pier and looked at all the boats coming in and out. we even saw a fire boat, and a seal!! (or maybe it was a sea lion… who knows?) i mean it was if we saw the lochness monster when mom caught a glimpse, she was WAY more excited than i was… well maybe once i see the pictures i will be…

i am beginning to really know my directions and so when we headed back the way we came and got close to where we parked, i started yelling “no home!!! no home!!” mom and dad explained that we weren’t leaving yet, but that our restaurant where we were headed to eat was near where we parked. of course at the end of dinner i start yelling “no home!” again… geez, couldn’t they see that coming??

in other news colin is rolling over like a pro. he’ll make a champion log roller one day! poor kid is just stuck at night time. he needs an arm in to be swaddled otherwise his pacifer gets yanked out, and then if he rolls over his poor chicken wing is stuck in the blanket! he slept like this most of the night last night.


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