blah, blah….one more minute mommy…. teeth!

since i love to eat, it was only a matter of time before they arrived! a week ago mom and dad noticed a bump on my left side and were excited to find that a tooth was making its way! then today as mom was getting me ready for bed she noticed a second bottom tooth coming in! just like my brother andrew, he got both of his bottom teeth at the same time too 🙂

i’ve also begun to babble more and mom think i sound like i am saying “blah blah blah!” she’s a little worried that i am bored of them already!

brother andrew is doing really well and is enjoying entertaining me and having a fun time everyday at school. one day last week he asked a teacher “andi, what are you doing??” such a grown up thing to say! mom and dad were happy to hear that…life is a lot more fun now that andrew has a LOT to say about things : ) andrew’s new saying is “one more minute mommy”. i think he’s heard that warning too many times before having to leave the park… now when mommy threatens to leave i yell” one more minute!” that usually holds her off for at least 5 : )


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