getting to know colin

i’ve been a bit of a mystery these past months to mom and dad, but now my little personality is emerging! i am (unless i am really tired AND hungry) a really happy guy. usually food or a bottle solves just about anything for me! i’ve been sitting up well lately and so mom and dad get to see the type of things i will reach for and things i get excited over too (since lying down previously didn’t lend to much visibility).

so…. i love, mom’s necklace, that darn thing entertains me often. mom’s hair, i really like to give it a yank. remote controls (no surprise). andrew’s matchobox cars… they fit so well into my hand and then into my mouth. i love my brother. if i am crying in the car, andrew just has to call out to me and i will stop crying. i love watching him at the park running around and love to hang out with him early in the morning watching tv. when i see the things i love 2 things usually happen. 1, my hands and feet start wiggling, like my wrists and ankles rotate in circles. 2, i grunt. i will squeeze my legs if mom is holding me or get really stiff if i am sitting. but i grunt really loud… its funny.

i also love noises. anything remotely sounding like a bodily function usually gets big grins! oh and dogs…. i LOVE dogs. our neighbors have a chihuahua and its so little and just my size. the aforementioned grunting happens around dogs a lot.

one last thing i love, that mom and dad cant’ quite figure out. after i have my morning bottle in mom’s bed, she sits me up to burp. like clockwork i turn to the wall behind and stare up at the picture and give the biggest grin. not sure why, but i will just stare and stare, smiling away.


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