you say it’s your birthday!

well not really, but it was my birthday party day today! it was great. oh yeah it POURED rain the entire day almost but that didn’t stop the fun! first we toured the local ladera ranch fire department, where we had a lot of fun jumping on the kitchen floor and climbing all over the chairs in the tv room. that’s about all we cared about… until the firetruck. they obviously save the best for last.

then if was off to the house for pizza an playing in the garage! dad transformed our normally dreary garage (who am i kidding, ours is the nicest one on the block, you could regularly eat off the floors!) into a fun playroom! it was great. i had some great friends over and we had a ball until we all melted down at exactly the same time at 1pm. so everyone left and i went to bed. apparently i was too worked up and after an hour wanted out of bed and to open gifts! i have the best friends, they were so generous and i loved every one i got!! all in all, a great day! it will be evem more fun on the real day!!!!


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