so i thought i’d give a little update on what’s going on with me. i talk… ALOT. really that’s about it. i usually do a play by play of the day (or tonight’s example) the weekend, for whomever is reading books to me. it usually takes 20 minutes just to read 4 books (not long ones either) mom and dad seem to think its 3 years worth of things i’ve had to say pent up, having only really being able to have said them for less than a year… so to put it clearly, i have some catching up to do. i comment on lots of things, the clouds moving through the sky (often confused for “smoke”, and something scary) i can see planes flying and talk about the cars on the road as well as what vehicles i’d prefer to see “i see 2 blue trash trucks mommy”. mom and dad laugh a lot.. i am not sure why : )

at night i get particular about shadows and monsters (thankfully no nightmares yet!) but often require specific things like “dark tuck-tucks” from mommy and daddy. that means pull the covers waaaaaay over my head and i’ll roast myself while playing with my stuffed animals and cars for a few minutes longer before i fall asleep : )


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