cheers to 2010

another year has come and gone and yet another tooth has arrived for colin! that brings the count up to 5! its seems the pattern is the left side then the right one comes in. such like a michalski to be orderly about things!

let’s update you on all that is colin lately (as he changes so much everyday!):

colin loves to be outside. sometimes mom walks him by the front door, lets say to turn off the patio light outside and he squeals with joy then immediately starts crying as she walks away… he thought she was going to take him out…what a tease.

colin is a very efficient crawler, he’s doing well pulling himself up on his knees (not quite to his feet yet) and if he is on his feet, has started to cruise around the tables. he loves to stand and has become very fond of holding mom and dad’s hands to walk with them. nana and papa predict he’ll walk before his 1st birthday!

colin is a very spontaneous laugher. he laughs at one particular train toy that when you push a button music starts to play and it moves forward. he’ll laugh and start to crawl after it and knock it over.

colin loves doors. open, shut, open shut, open again. he loves to sit and swing it open and shut. thrilling stuff, im telling you.


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