catchin’ up

oh my it has been a while. well it doesn’t help that colin got sick then andrew, then daddy, then mommy, then colin again and then mommy and andrew again too, and finally daddy… mostly colds with a little pink eye and ear infections mixed in. let’s put it this way maybe mommy should put her clorox wipes to better use! i am pretty sure she does so i guess it could be worse! so anyway, that’s where we’ve been for the past 3 weeks.

alot has gone on too! colin started cruising really well, around the end of january and mom and dad found out a couple weekends ago that i knew how to count in spanish! check out the video section for that. we we taking a walk and passing by some purple boxes (irrigation boxes) in the ground and got really good at counting to 10 : ) (sorry…. diaz)

we’ve been trying to teach colin how to say “uh-oh” (my first word) since last weekend and so it’s been fun cheering him on. it sounds more like “uh-uh-uh-oh” but really, its the same don’t you think?? so yay! mom and dad look forward to the expanding vocabulary in colin’s future! as much as i impress them on a daily basis (today i told mommy “see mommy, i was patient!”… such a big boy statement) with new things, its hard to believe colin will be doing the same thing too, very soon.

we’ve started to really begin to play together. it has been going well in the bathtub, but mom doesn’t have a camera much in there to show you that… but this past weekend it really came out playing. mostly it involves some sort of chasing, but playing’s playing right?? mom and dad can’t wait to sit back and just referee soon…

lastly colin has been impressing us all with his cruising. after just a day of playing with his talking lion walker, he’s almost gone it down pat minus the turning. so now he can chase me around the dining room table without moms help! maybe he will be walking before his first birthday!?! just as nana and papa predicted, we shall see!


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