swimming with the fishes

today mom and dad called in “sick” to work and took mimi and me to the long beach aquarium! i hadn’t been there in a looong time, so it was an overdue trip. it seems quite appropriate since my movie dujour is finding nemo. i was all about looking for “dory, bruce and nemo’s brother” .no nemo has no brother in the movie…but that’s what i say when i see him in the movie!

we also saw sea lions and sharks and (some version of) mana rays. but i think my most favorite part was the anemone (mom needed spell check for that one!) pool. we could touch them and starfish. they were sticky and would move when i touched them, i loved it. well maybe that was my second favorite. my most favorite was seeing an entire tank FULL of “nemos” (aka clownfish)… check out the video for that!


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