today, someone who shall remain nameless, had to use the “potty” before taking me and colin to school. i was very helpful, insisting that said caretaker have “piracy” and event went as far as coming back in and and deciding “i’m going to get you some cars… you need cars” to help assist in the bathroom duties.

on a sidenote, it has become the custom for dad in the morning when i call for someone to come get me, to snuggle in on my bed with me. one day, such lingering happened way too long and mom had to come in and break up the snooze. she announced for dad to get up and i said “mommy, we’re still sleeping!”

with easter right around the corner, my special treat has been the occasional jelly bean. good dinners, good potty, good behavior i get one every so often. mom and dad are shocked to find out the request for color always seems to be for “black” (the black licorice flavor) mom and dad cringe to think how i like this, but won’t eat pancakes…. hmmmm


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