something to nibble on

so there’s quite a bit of catching up to do, it’s been a while! we’ve all been distracted with a visit from our mimi and boy was it great. she got to spend lots of time with colin and i, and even took us out of school for some 1 on 1 time too! i think she had fun too… in fact i think she was quite impressed with us : ) score for mom and dad!

colin’s had much going on lately. right before his 1st birthday he started waving followed by his attempt at saying “hi” which is more like a “ahhhhhh!” and just recently we realized after blowing him kisses, that he returns the favor as well. but instead of kissing his palm, he kisses the back of his hand and makes a “bhaaa!” sound.

did i mention he likes to be outside? mom calls him her dog…. he still cries everytime someone goes near the door and expects a walk in his little red car buggy every night before dinner. its becoming a problem : ) it’s been going on for weeks now and recently really seems to be getting worse. tonight though, mom thinks (and suspected all along) she found the reason. teeth. always a culprit, but it was worse than she thought! he’s getting a front bottom and top tooth for a couple weeks now, but in the midst of a tickle session tonight…she saw TWO molars coming in as well. no wonder he’s been a pistol. thats 4 teeth people….

fun things colin’s been doing. pointing in the sky. you say “colin where are the birds?” and after some thought, the chubby little finger starts pointing up.

the tv. what is more appealing than a single (and rather large) round button, just his height? yep. the tv power button. poor guy just cruises on over, looks for mom and dad, starts shaking his head and saying “no-no” ,well more like “nah-nah” (oh did i mention, he knows the word “NO”… really well) and just pushes away at the button… not exactly fun when finding nemo is on….not for me at least.

we think he knows “bye-bye” and “hippo” too, which sound more like “bah-bah” and “bippo”. oh, and “all done” – more like “ahhh DAH” with an emphasis on the DAH!

he’s still not an official walker, though he can take a step between destinations. he’s a little unruly there (not sure where the stubborn personality comes from…. ahem… dad) he refuses to walk anymore holding mom or dad’s hands. its either with a walker or against furniture…personally i can’t wait til he walks.. so i can have him chase me and boss him around : )

colin’s new “thing” to do in the bathtub is make bubbles with his mouth (otherwise knows as “motorboating”) he’ll do it, look up and just start laughing! he thinks its impressive.


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