jam packed

today was a busy day to say the least! first off i had a birthday party at the local petting zoo, otherwise known as the location of the “guinea pig incident”. it was tons of fun! i hung out with my good pals tanner and dorian! meanwhile dad and colin hung out at home and went to the park, since mom and dad weren’t interested in having colin eat hay or nibble on the animal’s treats just yet. we’ll leave his inaugural trip and subsequent guinea pig toss for another day : )

colin and i were both beat for naptime but we couldn’t sleep in that long! we were off to the ciy of long beach (otherwise known as “the way we go to the aquarium!”) for the long beach grand prix. mom and dad have lived here for SEVEN years and didn’t realize this lovely phenomenon occurred until just this year! well… at least they do now. this race alone is well worth the cost of living increase compared to the rest of the country.

needless to say i wasn’t the only person anxious to get to the race. mom and dad were pretty excited and colin couldn’t be happier! it couldn’t have been timed better either! we arrived just in time for the Le Mans race to begin. essentially it’s all kinds of cars, bmw’s, porche’s, corvette’s, and the end all be all…. Ferrari’s! of course they were the LOUDEST of them all. we were well equipped with my trusty (wear these in the bathtub so your ear tubes don’t fall out) custom ear plugs and we had some extra for mom and colin. i was a little uneasy at first, as it was a street race and the noise from the race cars was only amplified by the surrounding buildings as well as thrown around so i had a hard time understanding where the cars really were when i couldn’t see them.

needless to say i didn’t want to leave, and asked to go back the next day… we’ll have to wait until next year, but i am not sure i can wait that long!


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