a haircut and some cheese!

lately i’ve been really good at taking pictures, the light on the camera comes on and mom says “say cheese!” and the grin comes out!

so this week i have really started walking, like all the time. i am a little hesitant about walking anywhere but inside the house (i’ll stand in one place at the park for a while), but i am getting better. i am a really big fan of playing at the gate. i open the door, walk in, close the door, open the door again and walk out. i will wander the house and usually get attracted to an open door to the bathroom. even if the door is shut, i can get it open : )

i am getting really good at asking for more (sounds like “ma” as i clap my hands, which is darn close to the sign language “more”) and when someone asks me what a dog says, i say “woo woo” and “voo voo” for when we talk about cars, and their sounds. i am also working on bubble “bah buh” and up “uh” too. sounds like “all done” and “i did it” frequent my conversations too : )

today i also got my haircut for the first time! it was a little traumatizing, but i’ve been going with andrew since i was born, so it wasn’t too bad. now i look handsome!!


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