“that’s a really great idea!”

when i woke up this morning and mom and dad suggested we take a trip to the aquarium, that’s (above) what i said. i’ve been saying it a lot lately. dad figures that mom says it too, and i inherited it from her, much like the “HOLY MOLY!” expression when i happen to make an impressive #2 (in the toilet, you get the gist). we often say it in unison as i get off… it’s funny. anyway, i digress.

we headed to the aquarium for colin’s inaugural trip, and although he spent more time walking around trying to open doors and escaping on the elevators, i think he had a fun time! i of course did too, looking for any character similar to something i see on “finding nemo”. i was particularly impressed with the scuba divers though, as we got to watch them in the big tank feeding the fish. i proclaimed as we left to go home, “i wasn’t afraid of the sharks dad!” a successful trip : )


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