fun times

so a lot has been happening lately, nothing major, but fun little things worth keeping track of! mom has been a little preoccupied with the finale of a certain TV series (ahem, lost) so forgive her.

colin is ever the walker, almost runner, especially when he knows he’s being chased! he can say “car” and well he should, since that’s all he sees around the house. he’s starting to walk backward too, and it’s pretty funny. he gets a look on his face like “what’s happening to me!?” in a good way of course. he’s starting to bring mom and dad toys and things too. his item of choice lately are his shoes. mom’s just glad he isn’t walking over with them in his mouth (apparently i used to do that?)

also, he had ear tubes put in last monday. he was a trooper. a little groggy from the anesthesia, and would get really angry when he wanted to drink his milk, but would refuse to take out his pacifier! we laugh now, it wasn’t funny to him then!

today we took a walk after naps and went to the nearby park to kick around some balls. i always have a ball (no pun intended). it was a little tough for colin, his legs are just too short to walk through all that grass. he was feeling a little under the weather too, but being outside always cheers him up.

as far as i go, i am all about letters lately. thank goodness for letter shaped tater tots and bathtoys and crackers… it helps mom out a lot. i am pretty good and except for an occasional X mistaken for a K i can identify all the letters!


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