mimi’s house, part 1

when we landed in chicago, had we turned right back around and flew home, i would have been a happy camper. just being at mimi’s airport was a highlight! a great start to a super fun trip!!

there was loads to do at mimi’s, she had toys in the family room and trains in the dining room (we even ran tracks under the table for “tunnels”) and then a wagon and balls to kick in the basement! not to mention a very popular coo coo clock! mimi feel free to give that to mommy when and if you should ever feel the need to get rid of it. mimi even has a signal light from a real train crossing that pappap dave restored. if it didn’t weight 50 lbs, well, that would have made the trip back to CA…

mimi got to show us off at church on sunday morning and luckily we were in a great mood to look our handsomest! after naps we drove out to mommy’s very good friend jane’s house to visit with her and leeann and kristin and everyone’s families… too much fun! monday, auntie vera came in to visit on the train and so picking her up at the station was sighting number 1 (of about 1000). we had lots of fun going to the biggest park mom and dad had ever seen… really mom regrets not taking a picture of this place…

what visit with mimi would be complete with out a trainride?? tuesday, we took a cue from our last trip out and took the train from grayslake to deerfield and stopped off for some light reading at barnes and noble before heading back. naturally inclement weather was had (the last time it was 1 degree and snowing like crazy… i’d much rather have rain….) but no matter. we got to see a freight train pass by before our train back home arrived (ok so we are up to train sighting number 5 here i think…). we topped off the morning with a trip to a caboose that was renovated into a hotdog stand, what could be better?!?

wednesday we woke up early and headed to glen ellyn (where’s that? who knows… all i can tell you is i got to drive past lots of ‘struction trucks and the ‘hairport). when we got there we got to see my girlfriends marin and molly and their baby sisters isla and megan! colin and i were clearly outnumbered but we managed ; ) we had a great time playing at marin’s and then molly’s house with a bounce house and a big backyard! molly even had a treehouse (rest in peace dear treehouse! father’s day weekend the poor thing had an argument with a tree in the backyard. guess who won…) we were all so sad to leave after dinner…


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