nana and papa's

as if hanging out with mimi wasn’t fun, we got to have even more fun and head up to WI and the land of the cheeseheads. oh and see nana, papa aunt tracy uncle jason, lauren and caroline too! oh and ginger, too. can’t forget the dog…

we arrived on lauren’s and caroline’s last day of school, great timing folks! they were (as papa would say) like a fart in a bottle and excited for our visit. we were excited to play with them too! though the constant playing of cars wore off on the poor girls… nana and papa brought out loads of dad’s old toys, cars and truck and campers with trailers, oh my! i was in heaven.

well papa pulled out the big guns right away, and showed off his riding lawnmower (the first of 3 appearances, in our 8 days there… i’m just sayin’…) i loved it. colin loved it. thus began colin’s “if andrew can do it, so must i” phase… he’s still in it. it was a fight to see who got the last turn… so we each took about 6 turns on the lawnmower. i think it ran out of gas eventually. we loved playing in nana and papa’s yard… mom and dad have to admit they miss having one!

not to be topped by mimi’s monster playground, lauren and caroline took us to one they love, which looked like a fortress. of course on the way over, our car got caught by the tain tracks (that we literally drove over 2x a day). what an event. i think i’m up to about 100 sightings now…anyway, the park. it even had a little nature walk that we took and we got to see pond jumpers, as the girls called them, or “pond poppers” as i preferred that much better. of course we got a glimpse of a fire station and so papa insisted we stop. only because the girls so graciously hopped on the fire engine did i reluctantly do so too… bad memories of engine sirens…

we stopped by another park before dinner, near where the train passes by and pretty much stalked the area until one did. mom got a video and again some reluctant poses near the tracks from me. all i kept saying was “a train’s not coming, right mom???” while at the park, there may or may not have been an incident with an attack momma goose protecting her babies… but really no pictures were taken to prove anything.

sunday we drove to downtown milwaukee and stopped to see a little bit of the air and water show that was going on all weekend. it was not quite the caliber of miramar (i suppose we are spoiled!) but i had a great time looking at all the planes! colin had mom in fits, anywhere he wanted to go had him fearlessly heading straight into water.

on one of the rainy days we stopped by an indoor playhouse that was quite a hit. of course i headed straight for the not 1 but 2 thomas train tables because playing with trains at home already isn’t fun enough. but there was lots more to see, like a huge “pirate ship” with a slide and fun places to hide, a kitchen with shopping carts and food (colin’s favorite) and a dress-up and stage area, that i never even noticed was there. because if it doesn’t have wheels, well, it doesn’t matter…

tuesday we went to the milwaukee zoo!!! mom and dad would ask “andrew what do you most want to see at the zoo?” and i would reply “cars and trucks and trains….and a hippo” they kept having to explain that zoos aren’t for anything but animals. but apparently i am convinced there is always room for cars anywhere one could go…. thankfully i got my train ride and i was in heaven…. and the animals were a much bigger hit than mom and dad thought they’d be. success!

saving one of the best outings for last, cousins lauren and caroline invited us to their pool/waterpark for the afternoon and dinner. now without going to a real waterpark, this was pretty great. it had a 2 story waterslide that i rode on with either mom or dad about 50 times. i think lauren and caroline rode it even more. even colin got to go, though after a couple times, dad’s arms got tired of holding him completely out of the water upon impact and no one could really even tell if he enjoyed it, ha!

our last day together was a trip to east troy (known to aunt tracy as tornado country, and to mom and dad as “concert country”, as alpine valley outdoor theater is there) to a little tiny electric train museum and trolley ride. it took us on a 20 minute ride to a garden center/country store and then back. a little different experience than riding a train, so it was a lot of fun to do!

we had such a wonderful time with everyone, we didn’t want to leave! we can’t wait for the next chance to see nana, papa, aunt tracy uncle jason, lauren and caroline (and ginger) again!


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