a sidenote

so a few stories that didn’t fit in that must be mentioned about our trip as well as some stories since our return.

nana and papa live very close to a set of railroad tracks. had to drive over them anywhere we needed to go. in fact you can force yourself to go over them THREE different times before you get onto the highway, and you bet papa did that once. never once did we see a train, except for the very first time we went over them… but with the approach to the tracks i would go on some terribly long explanation of what would happened if we did in fact get stopped. it goes a little like this “ok so mom we are gonna get close to the tracks and then the train is gonna com and then the dings (ie – signals) are gonna go and the arms will go down and al the cars are gonna stop and they train is gonna come by REALLY fast and honk it’s horn and then the dings are gonna stop and the arms come back up and then the cars can drive over the tracks again like this “bumpity-bumpity”… right mom? RIGHT???” this happened everytime we went over the tracks : ) thank you mom for never getting tired of my talking!

colin had a few fun moments on our trip. he now can say “no” really well. it usually sounds like “nah!” (with serious emphasis) and a swipe of the arm. he also learned up, down, out.

when he wants attention he just goes over and does something he knows he shouldn’t. like touching the fireplace. or the stove. or outlets. or mimi’s and nana’s nice decorations. if he got a hold of something he now knows to instantly run away with it, that he will be chased. he usually does so laughing like a heina. he has also used this trick to stealth-fully snag my cars. if i get up or am otherwise occupied with something else colin sneaks around back, takes the car and just bolts out the door. i either realizes too late or not at all that anything was taken. mom and dad just watch and laugh!

colin is obsessed with lightswitches.. on/off… on/off. really it could go on all day. the fed ex guy laughed at us today as mom held colin as he rang the doorbell over and over and over…. there is a lightswitch to his closet that is right on the wall by his crib. the first night we came home all mom could hear in the monitor was “click,click… click,click”….it wasn’t until days later dad caught him in the act of hitting it on, off… on, off….


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