talk talk talk

so lately i’ve been having what mom would call “phrase of the week” a few weeks back all i kept saying was “i’s tuck” now mom and dad could never quite figure it out but narrowed it down to “it’s a truck” and “i’m stuck” they would be stumped when there was neither a truck present nor was i (or any of my toys) stuck anywhere. the next week became “ning ning” which is any light or light type object that could resemble a train signal. hence the “ding-ding” sound they make when a train is approaching and the gates on the signal close. this past week has been the week of beep beeps. i play with cars and i push them around, but if i happen to back them up, well, “beep, beep, beep”… luckily for me i have a neighbor with a work van that demonstrates this exact scenario. we’ll see what next week has in store!

needless to say this makes mom and dad very excited as they still get excited over the things that my big brother has to say too : )


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