not just a hat rack…

so mom and dad have known this for a while, but i am pretty smart sometimes. well i guess that depends on how you define smart, but just humor me. maybe the better word is curious.

so today dad was hanging with andrew and noticed things upstairs were quiet. i was around as i like to wander but was noticeably not noisy. upon inspection dad found me in the toilet room, IN the toilet, splashing away. about 1/2 the water in the toilet was on the floor or on ME. who knows how much went IN me. let’s not think about that….

i also have started wandering the kitchen checking the cabinets and drawers for unlocked ones. of the ones that are, i am starting to stick my finger dow them to try and unlock…. mom fears the day i am successful at figuring that out. coming from a big brother that never even bothered to touch the cabinets let alone go in the kitchen, this is new to mom and dad.

i am starting to put 2 words together and it makes everyone in the house so excited. it started with “hi daddy”. thou for a loooong time mom and dad have sworn i’ve known how to say “i did it”…who knows. i can “andrew” or “a-doo” which is fun too! “ hi adoo” is becoming popular. since my favorite things are trucks i can say “dump truck” or “duh tuk” and “digger” or “di-DAH”. can’t forget about “all aboard” either. food is up there too, “ice cream” or “i keem” and “m&ms” or “nemanem”. i usually get pretty mad when i hear those words and no sweets appear…

i am a big fan of shoes and mom makes it a point to discuss this everyday when we leave for school. its a good segue to get me out the door in the morning. mom and dad always thought it was funny that when they come to get me in the afternoon i would see them and automatically point down to my shoes and say “shoes!!” they now get that maybe the morning routine has something to do with the afternoon ; )


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