this place is a zoo

can you make out what this is? if you guessed a seriously large, lazy sleeping hippo, with his nose smooshed up against the glass… you are correct. talk about up close and personal! shots like these were aplenty on our first visit to the san diego zoo. gorillas, meerkats, standoffish pandas, we got a close look at all of them! mom and dad were impressed as well as lost most of our trip through the zoo.

some highlights: colin refused to sit in his stroller the majority of the visit. which resulted in a 1hr nap on the ride home and 1 1/2 more hours once we got home. it also resulted in some pulling of mom’s hair on the occasions it was necessary to be held. still, it was a great trip. the hippo was not my favorite thing to see. i was waaay more excited about the swimming “snake neck” turtles… who knew? colin’s favorite was the elephants, and the flamingos. at the end of the elephant exhibit was a digger, and another source of fun. it had a speaker that gave out construction as well as african safari animal noises. mom and dad couldn’t quite tell which was which. the day concluded with a train ride, though not inside the zoo, but right outside and lots of fun. we’lll have to do that again soon….


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