whiffle ball and a bribe

see those faces? those are bribed faces. well colin doesn’t know any better, he still lights up and says cheese as soon as a camera emerges. but me however, all one needs to do is offer a decent food or car bribe and i am regular ham for as long as one needs me.

after a nice gathering with friends and a whiffle ball game for our dads (imagine colin on the sidelines frantically waving and saying “HI DADDY!!!”), mom and dad decided to keep the ball rolling and suggest some t-ball today. it was a hit. after seeing dad play i got on the bandwagon of course. if that’s the case for everything, mom and dad might have to dust off the old mountain bikes if they ever want to see me ride one….

colin continues to make us laugh with the things he says. he still can’t quite figure out the location of his nose vs. his ears, but ask him what a conductor says and you hear “ah boar choo choo”! and when asking for a comment on a truck he was playing with, mom and dad think he said “it’s a BIG truck”. and despite his love for trucks and trains, “No” is still his favorite word.

one note that mom would like to add: colin is finally getting his first freckles on his nose. she can point out specifically on me (my right leg below the knee) my very first freckle too and wanted to know that for colin as well 🙂


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