sweet home, chicago

as mom likes to call it, our mother-son "planes, trains and automobiles" trip was a great one!  mom had the chance to visit her dear friend leeann to celebrate her baby shower (2 girls, or rather possible "future wife"? maybe??)  so she couldn’t resist the chance to take me along since i had so much fun travelling back in june.  we got in on thursday night and friday started off strong with a visit to the legoland discovery center.  we met up with another of mom’s dear friends, mary beth and my favorite person, her daughter molly!  mom admits, the full size color map made the place look waaaaay bigger than it was. but when you are 3, you don’t notice.  there was a skyline of chicago, a jungle themed area too! of course it had a giant lego hippo!  score!  there was a really awesome 3d movie we saw, with a city theme complete with construction vehicles, firetrucks and police cars and helicopters!  my first 3d movie, so i was sitting on the edge of my seat with my hands out trying to touch the screen!  there were race tracks where you could build and race cars, a jungle gym and even a ride!  i was wiped when we were through, success : )
mimi and i had tons of fun when mom when off to her baby shower and some "girl time".  we went to the park, to mimi’s toy store, and even hung out at the train station to see a train stop and pass through.  it doesn’t take much to entertain me!!
monday we woke early for the main event.  a 7:30 train to downtown chicago, with a whole bunch of commuters. i bet they had ball listening to me ooh and ahh at all the signals and what not.  every time the train stopped a "we aren’t getting off yet, mom, right?" would emerge, and thankfully mom would assure me we were continuing. she thinks i probably would have been in heaven taking the train all the way from california to chicago… days and days of train rides! 
we got off sadly to rain, welcome to the midwest!  but we still chugged on to the sears (i will never call it "willis") tower for a view on the skydeck.  needless to say the lines were non existent, as well as the views, but mom still got some pictures.  no sooner did i see the skydeck "ledge" which lets you see straight down to the street, i ran to the edge.  mom (as you can see from the picture) could get no closer than the edge.  she stood there clutching her chest, claiming to have a heart attack… and people wonder where i get my drama from! 
off to catch a bus next!  i had a ball just waiting 15 minutes for it to arrive, looking at all the police cars and taxis and hearing sirens. i was made for the big city i think.  we took the bus to navy pier and caught a great architectural boat tour, to see all the fantastic bascule bridges and buildings along the chicago river.  mom was in picture heaven.  and i was the quietest i’ve ever been just soaking it all in. our docent, kevin (not dad!), was a flurry of information, never once to stop talking in the whole hour tour! 
some lunch and then back on the bus to head to the train.  we had some time to kill so we wandered along the river and walked across a bridge or 2 for fun.  then back on the train for a cozy ride home.  at first i was so excited to be on the train i just sat on my knees and watched. when it looked like i was about to fall asleep sitting up, mom grabbed me and i was out like a light on her lap. 
the best of all the trip home was that mimi got to come back with us. can’t it be that way ALL the time?  we got a ride from a very nice taxi driver setting a precedence for me, which did not bode well for dad when he came to pick us up in the car… and not a taxi….


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