danger zone

its that time of year again folks!  miramar 2010.  while mom couldn’t get flashes of "top gun"out of her head, dad was reveling in the extremeness (is that a word??) of the noise… the intense noise that these planes make.  colin and i having had eartubes and the necessary ear plugs to keep them in, in water, makes for great noise reduction at air shows (or le mans car racing!) at first, i was pretty darn spooked and colin was just stunned.  after some sulking in the stroller i came out and really got into the planes.  i managed to keep mom and dad there much longer than planned even!  it was tons of fun and we’d even hear colin laughing as the planes would roar by…surprisingly too, colin managed to nap for about an hour during the lesser "loud" candian snowbird show.  yay!  
like all things, watching movies and pictures was waaay more exciting than being there as we spent about an hour at home that night going through all the movies we took.  colin would screech and point and say "it’s a biiiiiig ahplane" over and over.  we almost managed to stay for the blue angels, but not quite. there’s always next year right?


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