november – a month in a blog

you know whoever said technology is a “good” thing, didn’t have to rebuild their computer when their hard drive crashed for no good reason. ah, but technology is smart enough to know their products are fickle, and offer warranties… and a warranty we had. but still, it didn’t come with a nice little apple employee to restore all our back up data onto the computer while we slept… now THAT would be a warranty.

so this is what we get. a nice long “month in review” of the ins and outs of our party of four.

i’ll start backwards, because as i’ve seen on some television programs, jumping around chronologically can be fun.. and well, i need to keep you all interested. all 3 of you. the above picture was taken at a cute little hanger just off the runways of John Wayne Airport. literally. the planes took off and landed just outside those huge windows behind andrew. and hence the face from him. he could care less about old WWII airplanes in pristine condition, or hitler’s mercedes benz that he drove during his regime… he wanted planes. landing, taking off. and that’s what he got. eventually, after some stalling from the photographer. we parked just beyond the building, backed up to the runway, opened the back tailgate and just watched. now we know this little gem of a place, though we may bypass the museum next time and just park for some good runway action.

so thanksgiving was a nice relaxing time. although colin made it more interesting by contracting hand foot and mouth… for the 3rd time. can it really be a “charm” though? again, whoever said this did not have hand foot and mouth 3 times… 3 lottery wins, yes! disease that sounds like you’ve been playing with livestock? no.

mom made quite the turkey, she’ll say its her first official well made turkey. of course her and dad were the only ones to eat it, but eat it they did! one day i will appreciate mom for her overzealous use of garlic….

as has been tradition since i’ve been born, the christmas decor and outside lights come out. it was quite a hoot for colin and i, and mom and dad soon found out he could say “candy canes” really well. and “lights” and the color “green” as well. more on colors later, but pretty much everything is green when you ask him, otherwise it’s “NO!”.

that weekend we made great use of our aquarium membership and headed over for some “wishies!” as colin would say. colin is more and more animated so it makes outings like this a lot of fun. getting the 2 of us together and mom and dad have a great time.

a little about colin. since halloween, his obsession with pumpkins continued for a while and was quickly replaced with christmas lights. we are afraid he’ll hit some serious sadness when they all go down for the year…. everynight driving home from school it’s “oooooh!” “wooooow!” from the backseat. me, i navigate, “colin look out my window! look out your window!!” to help things along. and often get upset when houses i know are decorated have lights that are not turned on. but i digress. colin’s new favorite phrase is “i’m funny!” or “funny mommy (or daddy)” and often will throw his head back with laughter for effect. mom’s working on “i’m silly” too his teachers at school think he’s halarious. but with halarity comes a very strong personality. of the 200 matchbox cars we have in the house, if he doesn’t have the TWO he wants exactly, watch out. he doesn’t like being told where to go, and if he wants mom or dad to hold him… well they better not put him down. and really, m&ms are just the best thing ever to him. some other phrases he has “where’d it go?” “that way” “that one” and when we ask him to count he wags his finger and says “one-two one-two…”

and so to close, a little about me. for the past month the object of my obsession has been my fighter planes i got at the miramar air show. additionally i can’t have too many paper airplanes
either. dad showed me a really great trick with them too. do you know what happens to a paper airplane when you throw it into a ceiling fan going really really fast??? i do….and its cool. i am in love with what i call “fuzzy pants” essentially they are track pants, but don’t have buttons or zippers… so much so that i cry when mom tells me they are dirty and i have to wear jeans. suffice it to say we have more than one pair of fuzzy pants in the house now…


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