nana and papa came in last night for a visit and we woke up today to find out i didn’t have to go to school, but that i got to go to legoland!!! boy was i ready….

you see that rollercoaster? yeah, it’s not some “kiddie” ride. it’s the first thing we rode there and the minute we were done i said “i want to go again daddy!” so again we went…. mom and dad thought i’d be a little scared, but after this, our goal, i told them, was to find and ride the rest of the rollercoasters in the park. please, now. i am almost 4. i’m practically driving.

the second best thing there (papa would argue, third, after the apple fries)was the mini city area in the park. new york, vegas, washington dc, new orleans, you name it! it was there. i loved all the mechanical boats and cars and trucks they had… i could have spent alllllll day there.


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