its just a phase

that’s what my mom thought a year ago… i’ve advanced my way through thomas trains (oh don’t worry, there’s still a set up downstairs) but my room is where the big boys play. well it’s what we play with until mom’s willing to fork over $$ for a real train set. lionel, can you hear me coming??

this was a combined christmas present from santa and i’ve just declared it mine. it’s pretty nice since i don’t have to push anything. just turn it on, and keep dad handy for battery changes. but what drives mom literally insane is my constant need to make new track patterns, tunnels and such. it keeps things exciting you know?

colin revels in the ever changing track, and usually takes advantage of the time i spend on the floor climbing into my bed and jumping like crazy. you’ll hear “mama! uppy down, uppy down!!!” that means someone wants in my bed.

colin’s getting really good at putting a few words together, it’s fun to have a conversation with him. here’s a typical wake up (mom enters room) “hi mama! where’s andoo? my cars my cars!” (then pointing to all his animals and blankets) “nemo, foggy, wahwee, bankie!!”

colin loves to read, just like i do, and has a great memory and can almost read books himself. it’s either a nod to his great memory (really, he’s almost 2, there’s sooooo much room in his brain for this stuff!) or the fact that books have been read umteen million times. mommy claims the fact that she forgets to brush her teeth some mornings is because she’s got “bear wants more” stuck in her head taking up space.


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