say hello to my little friend…

these two guys decided to follow colin and i home today from the santa ana zoo. colin picked the turtle and i, the owl. when mom suggested names like “hootie, or snowy” i balked. “mr. owl”? not so bad….

on our way out, colin says “bye bye fun train” as dad drove us back home… really we are here just for the trains. the animals are an added bonus.

turns out colin has a lot of hidden talents. this week he’s been chatting in bed and counting. what, we’ll never know, but he get a fair distance from 1 to 10. usually just leave out the number 6.

also, one morning in an attempt to be silly, dad started singing the hokey pokey to me to cheer me up (i was probably being forced to wash my hands *sigh*) and dad looks over to see colin swinging and our his right arm and then dancing in a circle! nice work dad!!


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