a big stick

this could have been a really great picture, right? if mom was only faster than the duck she wouldn’t have cut off his head….still. she got a shot of them before they flew away. maybe the two in the green got a little too close.

while dad was off getting 5th place at a golf tournament, we packed up the car and headed to irvine regional park. man if train rides didn’t cost $4 each, that’s all we’d do.

luckily there’s lots to do and see otherwise! after our ride we walked along and managed to throw every single rock and stick we found into the water. and without even falling in. don’t get me wrong, you could hear mom from a mile away gasping every minute thinking one of us was headed face first into the water. “trust me… i’m a professional!” was all i could think to say. a line from a movie i’ve yet to see…

we spent some time by the bridge and waterfall as well, and had fun climbing around, and finding lizards. the best part had to be on the walk back. we found a little family of 3 turtles and mom got a shot of them just before the last 2 headed in the water. colin was inconsolable after they left “where did turtles GOOOOOO?”

oh, aside from finding the largest stick. ever.


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