happy easter! this year i finally got the connection between this long-eared “fellow” and all the good loot. of course easter is much more than candy and hunting eggs : ) its about lightning mcqueen shaped easter eggs.

it was a wonderful day made even better with a visit from mimi. she’s been here for a few days already, having taken a trip up to yosemite (note i didn’t say INTO, ha). the whole family got to spend the day before and of easter together and it was tons of fun. in fact we may have almost convinced aunt rah-rah- and uncle big al to move down our way. we may need to butter them up a little more….

so with mimi’s visit comes fun brotherly bonding, and sleeping together. this visit proved much better than the last, only taking us about 45 minutes to settle down as opposed to 2 hours. see? progress : ) but i am proving to be quite the smarty pants. one night, i was set to snatch a car of colin’s that he took to bed with him. well, the only way to get it was to get it taken away from him. so what did i do? told him to bang as hard as he could on the wall. mom came in once, then twice. after the second time she waited at the closed door to hear me say “colin, do you want to bang on the wall again? go ahead! do it!!” i never did get the car…


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