do you see how small colin was compared to this engine?? colin isn’t what we would call “petite” either. so to say it was enormous was an understatement. today we were off to the railfest, out in perris (not to be confused with paris… when our navigation steered us onto a dirt road we knew it wasn’t france). this is not new territory, as we’ve visited before for when Thomas the train comes to town. but this was all about trains/trolleys… rides ALL day long. sign me up.


just as we arrived, the santa fe train pulled in.  this yellow and orange trolley was what we rode first.











colin was a little apprehensive at first…







we had the darn thing to ourselves.  this is what is so great about a morning wake up call at 6am. we are the first people  everywhere.







i didn’t believe mom when she said the trolley wasn’t loud…














colin had to make a pit stop to play with some ballast (fancy train lingo for rocks)








colin was obsessed with a tiny version of a trolley at the museum. the above picture he was talking and mom swears he said “please, won’t you sit down?”





















after the trainride we browsed the rolling stock and had some fun. did i mention colin loves sticks too?


my stick
























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