major milestones

so aside from learning how to eat corn on the cob (no hands!!) mom and dad feel like i’ve hit a few major milestones lately.

why? well, i’d ask you the same thing, since today i spend the better part of it only responding “why”. and so it begins. mom and dad were lucky(?) to have skipped this stage somehow with andrew, but they fear i might make up for this… thankfully the broken record “why?” hasn’t surfaced yet…

my other phrases that i like to say are “mommy! come here!” “mommy! sit down!” “mommy, what are you doing??”. “i want it”, “colin’s turn!!!” are also favorites of mine. and like andrew, i’ve begun to memorize favorite books and can finish some sentences throughout. sometimes mom and dad just let andrew read to me since really, he knows the books by heart.


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