when colin gets mad

people get black eyes
(accompanied by a sourpuss face for effect only)

this is a couple days into the shiner; it happened last sunday when both mom and dad were neck deep in dirt (but that’s another story).  they heard the collision of wooden train on bone and came running…. and colin got a nice long timeout…

also when colin gets mad he likes to scream as if he’s being tortured.  you can hear it down the street. seriously, mom was down the street and she heard him screaming in his timeout yesterday.  and his new favorite sayings are “mom, walk away”, “mom, leave me alone” which we all like much better than hitting, with trains…

one other colin tidbit. he’s been enjoying the “home living” section of school, where you dress up and pretend to cook/eat, etc.  he will find a cup and have himself some “coffee” just like mommy. mommy doesn’t drink that much does she? apparently his teachers think so.  and yesterday he was found escaping his classroom, by opening the door and saying to everyone “bye guys! i’m going to work now!”  mommy does too much of that too….


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