it’s the little things…

mom says she’s trying to appreciate the little things that we do that make her laugh… which is often.  usually.

like our sherpa here

“my stuff!!!” he yells when school is done and it’s time to bring our stuff home for the night… its even funnier when he’s trying to carry his backpack that’s almost as tall as he is. other exclamations like “it’s colin ah-ahlski’s!!!” (meaning “it’s mine’) can be heard as we walk out of school.

and this, we’ll call it “family”. mom is just glad i didn’t leave out colin this time.

mom wishes she had a picture at our swim lessons but she doesn’t. but she’s never seen colin or i laugh and smile doing the same thing for 30 minutes straight that didn’t revolve around things with wheels.  we drink so much pool water cause our mouths are constantly sporting some huge grins.  mom might have to rethink our “star quarterback” path to a “olympic gold medalist swimmer” one…

is any of this a big deal in the grand scheme of things? no.  but that’s the point, maybe sometimes little things should be big deals.


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