and so it begins

 the soccer year has gotten started.  it never rains in september in southern california, but the past 2 weekends it has. with lightning last weekend.  so as mom is running down to the field, almost late for the game, she’s told that the games were called off.  no one wanted to pack up and turn around so we stayed and played.

 a very nice team of girls (with the same color jerseys too!) came over and asked me to join. “but they’re girls, dad” mom overheard me saying.  don’t let this fool you. it wasn’t that i don’t like them cause they are girls, i just didn’t want to feel bad for running them down…. so i took it nice and easy and had a great time playing : ) but just like girls can, they proved me wrong. they were tough!  thanks to that nice team for letting me join!

so this week became the official “first” game, but it was once again, not as expected.  apparently we had david beckham’s youngest son on the opposing team….

(right before the game started)

we had a great time though, and our team on a whole did a super job.  i even made a goal!  well, more like an assist, but the kid from the other team kicked it in the last foot it needed to go… so i say GOAL!  i can’t wait for next week!  mom gave me a huge hug when i ran off the field… i think she started crying… oh boy i am in for it with her.


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