here in my car

wouldn’t you know, the week before the miramar air show, the oc brings around the auto show!  although i couldn’t get past the fact that the cars at the “show” don’t actually move, i was very excited.  mom kept saying “it’s like a big garage full of fun cars to look at”. yeah that didn’t help me either.  but i took their word for it, and like clockwork as soon as we got to the parking garage for the show i started asking over and over, “is this the show?!?!where are all the nice cars???” nice work mom.

oh man… which way to go first?

this way!!!

it was pretty great. we saw tons of cars.  dad and i even got to off-road ride on a jeep.  colin was too little so he rode a police car instead.

too bad we couldn’t keep the helmet…

i found my dream car…well, a couple of them.

and colin found his…


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