danger zone

mom says it every year, but she swears that she hears kenny loggins the minute we step out of the car…

upon arriving, we get down to brass tacks and review the “plane book”

and walk around  and checked out some planes.

we took our seats and this was the first thing we saw.  they sat there, taunting us, during the entire air show. we had to wait until the end to see them, but it was worth it.

we were darn close the all the action. at this point nothing had even happened… we had no idea what would happen next

we got to see some pretty cool planes and helicopters, and a rainbow (sadly not a double rainbow)

then came the parachutes. dad swears they look just like tiny little green army men toys he used to play with.

then BOOM! a LOT of them….colin kept yelling out (as i crouched behind mom on the chair) “I LIKE BOOM-BOOMS! MORE BOOM-BOOMS!”

then if that wasn’t enough fire and heat, we got to watch a semi truck that had jet engines that made it go 280 mph. that literally blew my mind.

i know what i am asking santa for.

the “heritage flight”

fat albert. mom did well. i am not conditioned to bellow out “HEY HEY HEEEEEY” every time i see this picture.

then it began….

a dog fight, just as they passed each other.

another airshow success. it didn’t hurt that i got a new plane either.


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