family trip, part 1

forgive me, as this post has been a month in the making….after (literally) 90 days of asking “is it time to go on the airplane?” mom and dad finally announced it was time… the annual trip to see nana, papa, cousins, and mimi.

colin and i had a great time on the plane, and as we arrived in milwaukee, got numerous compliments as to our behavior… did they think “oh no, 2 boys under five full of piss and vinegar, i hope i don’t sit next to them…” when they saw us coming?  either way, mom and dad chalked it up the the “midwestern niceness” they’ve slowly come to miss.

nana and papa had it all when we got there. really all they needed was a yard and we would have been fine. but all of dad’s childhood toys? sure that was just icing on the cake.  we started the trip off right, with cousins and aunts and uncles headed to the milwaukee public museum.

did you know they had a butterfly exhibit?  well they may not anymore after colin left, as he found much joy in searching the poor things out, smacking the underside of the leaves where they sat and then screaming in delight as they flew away.

did you also know they have the largest amount of dioramas?  yeah, now you do.

we had a great time there with cousins and i even i got quite excited to have mom take my pictures near random things.

next off was the milwaukee zoo!  butterfly exhibit, take two: colin did much better….thankfully.

more trainrides of course as well, thankfully cousins obliged and rode with us!!

we can’t leave with out a tractor ride! in fact one night papa took me out and i helped him cut the whole back yard, and even helped bag the grass too! boy i bet he wishes i lived closer. even colin had to get in on the action.

one day, nana and papa brought out bubbles….

it was a hit.

i’m pretty sure colin was trying to blanket the whole yard with bubbles.

no trip to nana’s and papa’s would be complete without a visit to the local train crossing. i think this one, by a local park will be a must visit every time.  sadly, we stayed for almost 2 hours without a single passing.  thankfully we still had fun while we waited.


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