family trip. part 2

after the best time at nana and papa’s house, we headed down to illinois and the land of mimi.  and trains. and chicago. it has to be said at this point, we started driving deliberately over train tracks in hopes of getting stopped… and nothing.  not 1 time in over 2 weeks did we see a train. geez….

the first night mom and dad got a much appreciated night in the city… as it was their 9 year wedding anniversary after all… colin and i figured, why not?

we got to visit some good friends and meet some new ones too!  one of mom’s dear friends had her baby girl and i got to meet her… and hold her. 3 times. i kissed her head. played with her toes. i think i’m in love 🙂

i don’t want anyone to think that mom and dad didn’t plan on coming home at this time of year for anything other than to see family  and friends. it doesn’t hurt that dad’s favorite all time band in the history of the world (just ask him how many shows he’s seen..) was playing. gosh darn it, wouldn’t you know, it was nearby too!  well, they might as well get tickets and go now, right?? for both night’s of shows too… right?

mimi didn’t mind…. and neither did colin and i : )

we took our annual train ride to a nearby town for bookstore browsing, park playing and some nibbles. it was great.

we went to the local forest preserve to feed fish and be silly

and we even squeezed in a trip to the museum of science and industry. cause they have trains here too, you know.

here we are taking a walk one afternoon with “the wagon”. this has seen many trips just like this over the  years.  mommy and aunt sarah used to ride this over and over as kids.

here we are helping mimi make pancake mix

stopping for a hug with mimi while making cinnamon rolls.

we were sad to leave mimi, nana, papa and cousins, but can’t wait to go back. next time mom and dad won’t tell me until the night before we leave ; )


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